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InternationalHub provides evidence-based research, and educational content to help people build their leadership skills and global careers. It’s time to move beyond traditional approaches to education. To successfully meet the challenges of today’s global environment, we need to take greater advantage of online assessment and learning resources. iHub provides simple, well designed learning and development products to help train a new type of global leader who can successfully connect people in a fragmented society.

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Cultural Conversations

Throughout this podcast series, we will hold conversations with global professionals and experts to explore how culture affects business.

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Gaurdians of Globalization

Learn about global organizations that focus on world peace.  The Guardians of Globalization include the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank,  the G20, and the World Economic Forum.

How Globally Competent are You?
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Take our Global Leadership Assessment to measure your Global Cultural Competencies. The BUILD Global Leadership Assessment is a series of five tests designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to lead in a global environment. Each test targets three specific skills that make up the given competency; and together, the five competencies are what distinguish exceptional global leaders from the rest. Take the tests now to see how you measure up!

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