Global Leadership Assessment

The BUILD Global Leadership Assessment is a series of five tests designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to lead in a global environment. Each test targets three specific skills that make up the given competency; and together, the five competencies are what distinguish exceptional global leaders from the rest. Take the tests now to see how you measure up.


The Better You competency is focused on the ability to build character and develop the skills necessary to lead. Do you know yourself well enough to leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses? How well do you translate your interests, values, and beliefs into your interactions with other people? To what degree are you willing to set goals or take risks to improve?


The Understand Culture competency is focused on the ability to successfully navigate interacting with individuals from different cultures. Do you look for ways to understand those with different backgrounds? Are you able to make decisions that won’t offend those who uphold different traditions and customs? Do you have the ability to recognize and adjust to differences in the ways people interact around you?


The Include Others competency is focused on the ability to work effectively in diverse teams. Do you show compassion and sensitivity towards others? Are you able to engage and mobilize others in order to achieve large-scale changes and find profitable solutions? How well do you manage conflict?


The Local Savvy competency is focused on the ability to understand customers in different cultural settings. Are you well informed of individual customer needs? To what degree do you inspire and empower others? Are you able to withstand the difficulties that arise from the world’s global and ever-changing complexity?


The Deliver competency is focused on the ability to make plans and see them through. Do you have a foundation of good business fundamentals that can point your company in the right direction? Do you look for ways to improve performance? Do you establish and execute business goals effectively and efficiently?