Samantha Clive - Adoption and Life in an OrphanageIt Takes a Village
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Kent White - CEO of A Child's Hope FoundationIt Takes a Village
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Robert P.K. Mooney - A Foster Kid's Road to SuccessIt Takes a Village
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Emma Brown - A Therapist's View on Attachment TheoryIt Takes a Village
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It Takes a Village Podcast Episodes

This podcast focuses on topics in international care for children and teens in crisis.  Our goal is to spread awareness about the orphanage and foster care space and provide meaningful information and practical actions to help children have a meaningful and bright future. 

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A Child's Hope Foundation Winter Semester 2021

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Learn more about attachment theory, ATD challenges, and best practices for kids struggling.

What is Attachment Theory?


Learn more about different options for donation or volunteer service to support children in these circumstances.

How can I help?


Learn more about other ways  children can become orphans and be placed in an orphanage.

Who is an Orphan?

Who is an Orphan?

Samantha Clive shares her perspective on international adoption and about living on the campus of an orphanage with her family in Mexico.

Kent White provides insight into his experiences as the CEO at a Child's Hope Foundation and what people can do to help in the orphanage space.

Rob Mooney aged out of foster care and became a successful lawyer. He shares advice and tips from his personal experiences directed to children in the foster care system and to those who love them.

Emma Brown, Child & Family Therapist,  shares information about attachment disorder and provides practical and meaningful solutions to parents and caretakers working with kids with ATD.