Failure is a Requirement

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Highlights from Sunnie Giles’s Global Perspectives Summit 2020. Sunnie Giles, a former general manager of corporate brand marketing for Samsung, is a business consultant with a PhD in Systems Psychology.


Learn from experiments. Learn from them, and pay attention to the environment. Not just get pigeonholed, not just bury your head in the sand and then this is what we’re seeing. So instead of just looking at within the organization and how you’re going to be successful in the organization, lift your eyes and look at the environment. See what’s happening in the environment.

Why that emotional connection is so important is because emotional connection provides resilience. In fact, there’s a lot of research that shows that when people feel they have a secure attachment with each other, their pain perception is actually lower.

If you approach to diversity as a diversity of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, all that stuff, but if you don’t have diversity of thoughts you are not doing justice to the power of diversity.

It’s not about failing or succeeding. It’s not about that. Because what innovation really is, it’s a serendipitous result of used learning. That’s what innovation. If that’s the case, failure is a requirement. It should not only be tolerated, but it is required.


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