Finding the Work and Family Life Balance Abroad with Mike Hoer

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Raising a family abroad can impact your kids as they build their own careers. Having personal international experience when young will boost a resume and open the mind to different perspectives and possibilities.


I’m not sure our children realized what an amazing experience they were having when they were growing up. I remember one time we were on a vacation, and we were held up at gunpoint. My son said, “We shouldn’t call these family vacations, Dad. We should call the family ordeals.” There’s a little bit of truth to that because we really did take our kids to some non-vacation spots that I think at the time they may not have appreciated so much. But when you talk to them now and when they reach their upper teenage years, not a day goes by where they don’t say, “Oh, that was the greatest experience of our lives. We learned so much.” They all want to have international careers because of those experiences.

The world is such a bigger place. I think children recognize that, and they’re grateful for that. It’s important to make sure they’re having a good experience. So maybe you don’t want to do too many of the family ordeals. There are just some amazing things that they can learn, and they can they can grow from. Very quickly, when they start associating with their peers and when they go to college, they’re going to realize that the way they grew up is very different from many of their peers and the opportunities that they had growing up are so much more fuller and so much more rich that they really do appreciate that.

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