S4:E12 Decoding Business Culture in the Arab Gulf with Judith Hornok

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Summary: Today we talk with Judith Hornok, author and decoder, about navigating culture when working in the Arab Gulf. She shares three key ingredients to successfully working with Arab cultures as well as some real-life examples from her book The Arab Business Code.

Judith Hornok is THE DECODER. She studies the“special codes”of individuals and groups worldwide. Over fifteen years she has researched the social-emotional mindset of the Arab people in the Gulf. During her studies she identified the negative, aggressive forms of emotions and feelings and realized quickly how much influence social-emotional behavior has on day-to-day life in business as well as personal relationships. She calls them THE EMOTIONAL HINDERERS and has given these characters names such as The Paralyzing Fear and The Relentless Judgement. Her passion for Decoding led her to work on two books. In her first book she decodes Arab Women who set new trends in their countries. In her recent book, THE ARAB BUSINESS CODE, she explores “the codes” of Arab business people. The book describes these codes, but also techniques to use for successful communication and why identifying and managing The Emotional Hinderers makes sense.

To learn more about Judith Hornok and the Arab Gulf, visit her website or connect with her on twitter and facebook


Transcription coming soon.

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