The Importance of Rapid Lead Response

Updated: Sep 23

Lead Response Study

When testing how long it takes before a potential lead becomes cold, Oldroyd found that responding within the first five minutes is 3,000 times better than any slower option. Early into his career, Oldroyd was contacted by Dave Elkington, the founder of, and asked to research the impact of response time on potential leads. The year-long study resulted in the above statistics and many other supporting figures. Rapid lead response is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of customer acquisition.

Impact of Bots

If rapid response is so important, how can a business ensure that they are quick to respond?  Bots allow almost immediate response to customers when they find something that might fit their needs. Even more impactful than phone and email communication, bots can give key information and prepare customers before they are transferred to individuals. They optimize and reduce the redundancy of marketing, and they promote a quality first interaction between customer and company. Bots are becoming invaluable to the business process, but they can always get better.

International Focus

One added benefit of bots is that they can ease and improve some of the most challenging aspects of international business. Several chat bots now come with multilingual capabilities and can be programed to converse in dozens, if not hundreds, of different languages. Being able to interact with several cultures and countries becomes significantly easier when a bot can do most of the work. With such a growing global economy, bots may be key to success.

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