What Sets America Apart in the Global Market?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Gregory Newell discusses how businesses in the United States have certain advantages in today’s global market.


I must still say that the great value of American enterprise is the freedom to think, freedom in innovate, freedom to take the risk, freedom to fail, freedom to succeed.

Almost everywhere we have been, the U.S. goods and services have had great value. 1) It’s typically state of the art. 2) It’s, generally speaking, a high quality performance. 3) It’s aspirational.

Often times then our observation that people choose a relationship or a good or service from the United States because it is aspirational. They’re buying it (we believe, we’ve observed) because of the notion of unreached creativity, which hope for and we hope they have.

Others come along take technology legitimately, improve upon our technology, but there’s a bedrock based on we’re not perfect. We have many flaws. There’s no country that’s perfect or individual that’s perfect. But there’s something about the American experience that brings to for the opportunity for men and women, boys and girls, to find a path to their able best.

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